Kelly Warner

Production Manager/Audio Engineer

Michael Waclo

Visual Design/Cinematography

Quinton Thornton

Director of Sales

Troubled Studios, LLC offers affordable video, audio, and internet multimedia production work to our clients in an endless variety of professions.  By optimizing our methods and producing the best quality work through technology and resourcefulness, Troubled Studios  is a cost effective solution for anyone looking for high quality videography, web design, audio work, and more.   Troubled Studios maintains a high standard of ethics and strives to keep open lines of communication with all of our customers and associates.

Troubled Studios develops Kung Fu Theater

In April of 2005, Troubled Studios partnered with producer Eric Barnes to develop Kung Fu Theater, a weekly series featuring classic kung fu films. Kung Fu Theater was presented on Time Warner Cable of Columbus, on Sunday mornings for several weeks.

Troubled Studios' first feature-length horror film underway

A group of urban explorers encroach on the unholy grounds of an abandoned school for the damned... and there is hell to pay! State-of-the-art special effects and a powerful cast promise feature-length terror in this film by Troubled Studios. Shooting begins in May 2005. Scripting is underway, with updates available regularly on this website.

Troubled Studios' Work 1st Place Winner in Education Category, Flash Forward 2004

COSI's award winning Virtual Knee Surgery (with visuals developed by Eric Bort and Steve Galgas of Living Children) is a hit among students and professionals alike.  Kelly Warner of Troubled Studios developed the audio for the exhibit, recording and synthesizing acoustic elements to simulate the environment of a hospital including the operating room and equipment.  Bovie pencils, ventilator, even an EKG were all recorded in studio and incorporated into the online exhibit.  The exhibit is available at

"Lady Shaves" Animation premiere at Arena Grand Theatre

Troubled Studios produced the soundscape for Steve Galgas and Mike Altman of ACCAD's "Lady Shaves" animated short. The sound layers are based on classical excerpts and features ambient effects and complex motion sounds for Lady and her environment.

Lady Shaves premiered at the Arena Grand Theatre in downtown Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, April 1st, 2004 and was well received by the audience as a light-hearted comedy about a woman with a facial hair problem. The animation is to be featured at film festivals across the country. More information may be found here at .


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